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Midwinter announces 'mobile first' deal with REST

Midwinter announces 'mobile first' deal with REST

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By elaina ·
December 19 2016

Midwinter announces 'mobile first' deal with REST

Digital advice specialist Midwinter Financial Services has entered an agreement with REST Industry Super to provide 'mobile first' financial advice to 1.9 million Australians.

The super fund today announced the launch of the REST Advice Online platform, which is delivered on Midwinter's AdviceOS software and allows members of its fund to access "personalised financial advice" and make changes to their super account via their mobile devices.

The new platform will provide members access to live webchat and phone support from licensed advisers, while also linking directly to members' super accounts.

Midwinter managing director Julian Plummer said the deal shows that the industry fund is adapting well to innovative trends in financial advice in the interests of its members.

"Members want to experience the value of advice digitally in a way that is non-threatening and is instantly accessible," Mr Plummer said.

"For REST to be able to provide the digital advice at no additional charge to its members is a leap forward because they are meeting individuals where they typically spend a lot of their time - on their smart phone or device."


Midwinter has been a longstanding supporter of the Adviser Innovation Summit and community.

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