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MLC works with IRESS to improve insurance applications

MLC works with IRESS to improve insurance applications

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By Killian Plastow ·
July 21 2016

MLC works with IRESS to improve insurance applications

Wealth management software provider IRESS has introduced changes to Xplan to allow better integration with MLC's Riskfirst, an online insurance application system.

The changes allow automatic synchronisation of client data between Xplan and Riskfirst, and IRESS said this should reduce double entry of data as well as increase accuracy on client applications.

IRESS head of research services Louie Dimovski said accounts which can be opened across multiple systems and forms that can pre-populate details were becoming increasingly popular.

"The more integrated systems can be, the greater the potential speed for advisers and their clients. This in turn allows advisers to spend more time with their clients," he said.

MLC general manager of retail advised insurance sales Russell Hannah said the company was pleased to be involved with the changes.

"We are delighted to have worked with IRESS to deliver this first-to-market integrated solution that will help drive increased efficiency for advisers when they are recommending and implementing insurance cover for their clients," he said.



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