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Moneysoft announces new partnerships

Moneysoft announces new partnerships

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By Larissa Waterson ·
August 24 2017

Moneysoft announces new partnerships

Moneysoft has announced new partnerships with a goals-based advice fintech provider and a data-connecting platform.

In a statement today, fintech provider Moneysoft announced it will integrate its cashflow service with goals-based advice software Investfit.

Investfit is a software that allows advisers to collect and feed information about a client's financial position into their actuarial goals-based analysis.

Co-founder of Investfit Ed de Salis said, "Combining Moneysoft's real-time data on client spending patterns with our real-time modelling underpins robust asset and investment recommendations. Integrating the two will save advisers time and reduce manual processes."

Moneysoft also announced a partnership with data connecting platform Xeppo.

Developed by Adelaide-based firm Opex Consulting, Xeppo connects information from across existing platforms to give advisers a holistic view of their entire client base.


Opex Consulting managing director Paul Campbell said, "The integration with Moneysoft brings in new information about clients' assets and liabilities. When that's combined with data from the other systems a practice uses, it gives a complete picture resulting in a stronger ability to understand their clients and provide tailored recommendations."

Head of technology and operations at Moneysoft Jon Shaw said Moneysoft's open architecture makes the integration with Investfit and Xeppo possible.

"The financial services sector is undergoing a period of innovation driven by low-cost cloud computing and a broad endorsement of open data principles, including by the Productivity Commission and a lower house government committee," he said.

"Open data empowers consumers with greater control over their information, helping them drive their financial wellbeing - that's at the heart of what Moneysoft is all about."

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