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MoneySoft partners with goal-based advice tool

MoneySoft partners with goal-based advice tool

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By elaina ·
September 29 2016

MoneySoft partners with goal-based advice tool

Automated financial management tool Moneysoft has announced an integration with FinCoach, a new goals-based advice tool, to help advisers streamline engagement with accumulator clients.

Financial coaching software FinCoach's co-founder Shaun Frost announced the platform's integration with MoneySoft to improve time and efficiency for advisers dealing in the accumulation space.

"Essentially, our programs now talk to each other and we can very easily and simply outline the impact a client's expenditure patterns have had on their individual debt reduction and wealth creation plan," Mr Frost said.

Head of product at FinCoach Christian Payne added that the new integration would allow advisers to scale.

"Previously, the adviser would have to ring the client to chase information in what was a very manual process. Now, advisers using FinCoach in the accumulation market will have the ability to service 30, 40, 50-plus accumulator clients using the automation that MoneySoft provides," Mr Payne said.


"This is going to make it a lot easier for advisers to drive better conversations with clients around their goals and help clients achieve a greater level of financial literacy."

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