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MyPlanner Australia launches fact-finding tool

MyPlanner Australia launches fact-finding tool

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By elaina ·
November 30 2015

MyPlanner Australia launches fact-finding tool

Non-institutional dealer group MyPlanner Australia has released an online fact-finding tool for advisers and accountants across its network.

According to the non-aligned dealer group, the "100 per cent cloud-based" tool can be used from any tablet device, desktop or laptop computer and will allow for documents and images to be uploaded and saved as PDFs.

"A risk profile questionnaire has been built into the system, which will encourage portfolio construction conversations and risk tolerance levels," a statement from MyPlanner said.

"The client is [also] able to request advice in specific areas as they work through the fact find."

The statement continued: "Once submitted, the PDF fact find and all attachments are emailed directly to both you as the representative and the client.

"Online authorities and signatures have been approved by compliance and are all captured electronically."

MyPlanner further highlighted that all queries submitted through the fact-finding tool are domiciled on servers in Australia using the "highest levels of security".


The dealer group added that it is in the process of having the tool integrated with software providers.

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