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Myprosperity launches automated estate planning

Myprosperity launches automated estate planning

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By Killian Plastow ·
May 22 2018

Myprosperity launches automated estate planning

Financial software provider Myprosperity has partnered with estate planning firm View Legal to offer a new service that will enable clients to create a standard will.

The new service will use data on Myprosperity to automatically populate the clients' will, with the legally binding document then stored on the Myprosperity portal.

"It's estimated that nearly 50 per cent of Australians will die without a will, and our own data shows that over 70 per cent of Myprosperity clients do not have an up-to-date will," said the company's chief executive Chris Ridd.

"View Legal are recognised experts in estate planning and their standard will is miles ahead of any equivalent that can be found commercially. By leveraging their expertise to provide a standard, pre-populated will, we're helping our clients to achieve peace of mind and taking our first step towards redefining estate planning."

View Legal founder Matthew Burgess said estate planning hadn't seen much change in the past century, and that this new service will help more Australians create a will.

"View Legal has a history of leveraging technology to solve complex legal issues like estate planning," he said.


"Together with our technology partner, NowInfinity we've designed a technology solution that will break down some of the traditional barriers of entry that have resulted in so many Australians not having a valid will. To be able to share this journey with Myprosperity is exceptionally exciting for us."

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