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Netwealth portal upgrade targeting 'power users'

Netwealth portal upgrade targeting 'power users'

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By elaina ·
September 13 2018

Netwealth portal upgrade targeting 'power users'

Platform provider Netwealth has revealed a new adviser and client portal to cater to the rise of the 'mega-monitor' and the needs of power users.

According to a statement, the new interface combines with the Netwealth iOS and Android mobile app to significantly enhance the way advisers and investors interact with the platform, thereby making it easier to use and navigate while maximising screen real estate.

Netwealth said the platform is built for large screens but also responsive to automatically adjust for laptops and tablets, as well as utilises a flexible design framework in order to provide white labelled options for licensees and practices.

It also said users can expect the new portal to experience simplified site navigation, including an improved client search capability.

Netwealth joint managing director Matt Heine said it discovered an increasing number of advice firms using large monitors so that screen real estate is no longer the precious commodity it once was.


"During the day, the majority of usage happens in the office on these large monitors by super users, whilst in the afternoon and evening usage typically shifts to smaller devices. This insight was on the driving reasons to rethink our navigational design," Mr Heine said.

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