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Netwealth strikes label deal with boutique firm

Netwealth strikes label deal with boutique firm

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By elaina ·
December 31 2016

Netwealth strikes label deal with boutique firm

Platform provider Netwealth has landed a private label deal with a self-licensed boutique financial planning group.

Joint managing director of Netwealth Matt Heine said the platform provider is glad to be working with financial planning group Securinvest, which will launch a private label version of Netwealth's managed account service.

He said Securinvest "are embracing the many benefits of managed accounts, including greater business efficiency but more importantly, better client outcomes".

"Securinvest also benefit from the investment expertise of Zenith Investment Partners, who continue to work closely with many boutique wealth management groups wanting to develop and implement a unique investment proposition for their clients," Mr Heine said.


Securinvest director Craig Thwaites said, "We're excited to be offering our clients a range of contemporary model portfolios, with Zenith employing a dynamic asset allocation with their best research ideas for active managers."

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