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OneVue launches new advice platform

OneVue launches new advice platform

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By tlewis ·
September 29 2015

OneVue launches new advice platform

Platform provider OneVue has launched a new advice platform, Luminous, to help advisers meet the needs of both advised and non-advised investors.

According to a statement issued by OneVue, Luminous allows financial advisers to service all clients, including those who filter in and out of advice.

OneVue chief executive Connie McKeage said: "Our objective has been to make it easier for advisers to better service their clients with a new user interface, access to free research tools and quicker transaction times."

She added: "Our industry can now capitalise on the needs and speeds of the digital investor, whether that be via an adviser or direct."

Speaking in Sydney yesterday, Ms McKeage argued that the aim of Luminous is to demonstrate a commitment to the changing advice market.

"We have to look at the world as a continuum now; [initially] you're probably not adviser-led, and then somewhere along the way something triggers the need to see an adviser."

She added: "The greater your trusted relationship with the adviser, the more that [they] can see what you are doing with the rest of your life."


Ms McKeage pointed out that the platform allows clients to build "watchlists" on investment areas that interest them.

"The Luminous watchlist is a way to get [clients] building such watchlists 'inside the tent', so to speak, with their adviser involved to some degree," she said.

The platform also offers daily access to member SMSF balances, CGT reporting, family group reporting, and daily accrued income from a range of term deposits.



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