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Practice efficiency stymied by analogue processes

Practice efficiency stymied by analogue processes

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By elaina ·
April 07 2018

Practice efficiency stymied by analogue processes

A recent survey conducted by PDF software company Nitro found financial services staff are losing time managing tasks that require paperwork.

The survey examined the attitudes and actions of over 1,000 Australian office employees, and found on average these staff lose four hours each week "completing paper-based tasks".

"A third of financial services workers said they wanted to start using more digital tools to buy back time they currently spend dealing with manual paper-based tasks like printing and filing," Nitro said in a statement.

Further, the survey found the average office worker prints 10,000 pages each year, which the statement described as "a widespread inefficiency".

Nitro chief executive Sam Chandler said digital transformation needs to be a focus for businesses going forward.

"Businesses need to work with technology providers to drive cultural change in order to reduce costs, increase productivity, and remain competitive," he said.


"Business transformation is high on the agenda for almost every Australian enterprise leader at present, yet the research shows that the simple, practical first step of providing workers with the tools they need to do their job is often forgotten."

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