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PractiFI announces Nod integration

PractiFI announces Nod integration

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By elaina ·
June 29 2018

PractiFI announces Nod integration

CRM and software firm PractiFI has integrated with artificial intelligence-powered SOA tool Nod.

The integration will enable Nod to take data from PractiFI to be then included in an SOA, with any changes subsequently made to client data in the SOA then synchronising back with PractiFI.

"Partnering with Nod delivers on our commitment to innovation, giving advisers the ability to use artificial intelligence to deliver scaled advice, bringing huge efficiency gains," said PractiFI chief executive Glenn Elliott said in a statement.

The statement said this integration will improve efficiency and service quality by providing a means for advisers to "unify the client record", and also reduce the time taken to generate an SOA.

Nod chief executive and winner of Momentum Media's Young Entrepreneur of the Year award Joel Robbie added that the integration would also allow advisers to spend more time interacting with clients.

"With Nod's real-time Statement of Advice generation, advisers can create personalised, compliant Statements of Advice with minimal effort, allowing them to reduce their costs and increase the amount of time they spend with clients," he said.




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