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Revenue growth linked to AI maturity

Revenue growth linked to AI maturity

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By Killian Plastow ·
January 25 2017

Revenue growth linked to AI maturity

A recent study conducted by Infosys has found companies experiencing faster revenue growth in the last three years are more likely to have more mature artificial intelligence services in place.

The report, which is based off survey data from 1,600 business decision makers globally, said that artificial intelligence (AI) is being seen as a "long-term strategic priority for innovation" for many businesses.

Infosys found that 76 per cent of respondents consider AI "fundamental to the success of their organisation's strategy", with 64 per cent also believing AI to be critical to future growth.

"Artificial intelligence adoption is on the rise and we are excited to see the investments in AI that businesses are gradually making to derive meaningful and creative change," said Infosys president and head of Americas Sandeep Dadlani.


"As we are seeing AI mature and gain momentum, our research shows that the next four years will witness further spikes in interest, and general bullishness about the significant value and benefits that can be obtained through AI adoption."

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