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Salesforce releases AI tool

Salesforce releases AI tool

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By elaina ·
March 31 2017

Salesforce releases AI tool

A new artificial intelligence tool designed to help financial advisers with their customer relationship management has been launched by Salesforce.

In a statement, Salesforce announced the launch of Financial Services Cloud Einstein - an AI-driven CRM tool aimed at providing advisers with deeper client insights and a better visualisation of their client's wealth ecosystem.

Financial Services Cloud Einstein is an improved version of the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, launched back in 2016, and includes the new features of 'Einstein Opportunity Insights', a 'Relationship Builder', 'Relationship Groups' and a 'Relationship Map', Salesforce said.

Einstein Opportunity Insights enable advisers to track client sentiments, competitor mentions and overall engagement.

"For example, advisers can automatically see if a client mentions a competitor in an email thread and - when coupled with a decrease in communications - receive a reminder to reach out and nurture the relationship," Salesforce said.

The Relationship Builder feature lets advisers connect information about clients and their households in one place, while the Relationship Group feature allows advisers to link clients to multiple households, trusts and business groups to get a holistic view of wealth across all accounts and relationships, Salesforce said.

The Relationship Map aims to help advisers visualise a client's family wealth ecosystem and financial accounts in a single snapshot.


"Today's investors are sharing more data than ever before. However, only 18 per cent of them say their advisers are doing an excellent job tailoring advice to them," Salesforce said.

"This personalisation gap is driven in part by the inability of advisers to link together clients' multiple accounts and relationships to gain a holistic view of their financial lives, as well as the relationships they value most.

"Financial advisers must stop managing data and relationships in silos, and not only start capitalising on the wealth of information clients are providing them, but also taking advantage of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence that enable them to work smarter," Salesforce said.

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