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Security concerns limiting technology uptake

Security concerns limiting technology uptake

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By Killian Plastow ·
November 19 2016

Security concerns limiting technology uptake

The security of personal details shared with technology providers and apps is a prime concern for Australians, and clients must be reassured of their online safety in order to engage them with technology solutions, a study from KPMG has found.

In a new report, titled Creepy or cool? Staying on the right side of the consumer line, KPMG found a majority of technology users worldwide believe they have no control over the way their data is used and handled by the technology provider.

In Australia, the prime concern was that data would be sold to third parties, and KPMG Australia forensic partner Gary Gill said it was crucial clients were informed as to how their data would be used.

"The most effective thing organisations can do to assure customers that they can be trusted with people's data is to tell them what they intend to do with the information and to assure them it won't be shared with third parties," he said.

KPMG also found "unsecure systems" was a major concern for 55 per cent of clients, and strong security would be key to success.

"Failure to imbed privacy into the DNA of [a] business strategy could ultimately lead to the extinction of a business given how closely consumers and regulators alike are paying attention to how organisations collect, store and use personal data," Mr Gill said.




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