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SuiteBox announces US expansion plans

SuiteBox announces US expansion plans

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By Killian Plastow ·
May 02 2018

SuiteBox announces US expansion plans

Virtual meeting place software SuiteBox has been added to the Australian government's US 'landing pad' program in San Francisco, with plans to expand into North America.

According to a statement from the company, Suitebox was one of 10 businesses chosen to join the San Francisco Landing Pad - an initiative aimed at helping Australian businesses "by providing introductions to mentor networks and strategic partnerships" in the US.

SuiteBox chief executive Ian Dunbar, who will join a coworking space in San Francisco as part of the move, said the business was "honoured" to join the program.

"The start-up expertise from the Landing Pad will expedite the global adoption plans of SuiteBox," Mr Dunbar said.

"This is about enabling an Australian start-up to be successful in the global economy.  Success globally means that jobs and revenue are created back home in Australia."


SuiteBox was chosen for the program because its function aligns with growing regulatory pressure for professional advice to be appropriately conducted and recorded, the statement said.

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