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Synchron to team up with Xero

Synchron to team up with Xero

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By elaina ·
April 20 2016

Synchron to team up with Xero

Synchron has announced that it will partner with accounting software provider Xero.

Synchron director Don Trapnell said the dealer group is in the final stages of talks that will see its adviser software SyncAdvsr integrate with the accounting software.

"A partnership with Xero will provide our advisers with complete confidence when dealing with referral and product partners," he said.

"They will be able to clearly see how much revenue they have received from where and cross-reference that information with their bank statements.

"This will make it extremely easy for them to see what they have been paid and what is still outstanding."

Synchron launched SyncAdvsr in February.

SyncAdvsr automatically generates fee disclosure statements and opt-in notices and monitors the return of those notices via a central dashboard in its Melbourne head office, the statement said.


Mr Trapnell added that he is delighted with how well the software has been received.

"Of our 400 advisers, over 50 per cent have already started using SyncAdvsr and it is absolutely changing the way they do business," he said.

"This tool is allowing Synchron advisers to maintain and nurture their client relationships, while improving efficiency in their business."

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