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TAL launches office hub service

TAL launches office hub service

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By elaina ·
December 09 2015

TAL launches office hub service

TAL has released a new initiative that provides advisers with access to meeting rooms in five capital cities across Australia.

The company said the TAL Risk Office Hub is an adviser-driven idea that provides access to well-equipped meeting spaces.

TAL general manager of retail distribution Niall McConville said: "A positive first impression goes a long way to building a trusting relationship between an adviser and their client, and we can help by providing our professional offices around the country to help them create that positive impression."

He added: "There are many reasons why an adviser might need a professional office to conduct a client meeting, such as travelling interstate to visit a client or where a coffee shop isn't the best place for very personal and private conversations."

The meeting rooms are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Advisers must make their booking seven days prior to the meeting, a statement from TAL said.


"We encourage all advisers to continue to go onto and provide ideas, feedback, comments and insights. It's a collaborative relationship and we will continue to deliver on these initiatives," Mr McConville added.

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