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Tech providers get thumbs up from unsatisfied advisers

Tech providers get thumbs up from unsatisfied advisers

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By Larissa Waterson ·
July 14 2017

Tech providers get thumbs up from unsatisfied advisers

Emerging tech providers in the advice space have trumped older, established players in achieving the highest satisfaction rate from advisers, despite industry-wide disappointment in current technology options.

According to the latest Investment Trends Planner Technology Report, newer platforms are gaining momentum in the industry and threatening more established players.


In the Investment Trends research, Netwealth and Hub24 both came in as the top platforms in terms of overall adviser satisfaction for this year. CFS FirstChoice came in second, BT Wrap scored third place for adviser satisfaction and Macquarie Wrap came in fourth.

However, despite investments being made in financial technology, an increasing amount of advisers feel their technology needs are not supported and many are open to switching platforms.

According to the research, advisers are becoming increasingly unsettled with their product suite and 75 per cent are open to switching their primary platform, either for lower admin fees (47 per cent) or a wider platform feature set (28 per cent).

Investment Trends research director Recep Peker said, "While planners traditionally use platforms for their efficiency benefits, the vast majority are open to alternative solutions that play a greater role in advice delivery, from the back office to the front.

"Netwealth, Hub24 and BT Panorama are among the most technologically advanced platforms in the market.

"Good BDM relationships also play a key role in driving selection for these platforms, which emphasises how vital it is to blend a feature rich proposition with good support."

There have been a number of concerns from the industry over the lack of technological support in financial advice. In February, the Association of Goals Based Advice (AGBA) voiced frustration over the absence of sufficient technology backing for goals-based advice, while one entrepreneur has cited the Australian robo-advice scene as "broken" and ineffective.


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