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Tech That Enhances Human Connection

Tech That Enhances Human Connection

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By TSA Group ·
December 10 2021

Tech That Enhances Human Connection

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Through the innovation of customer contact tech, TSA Group is transforming the call-centre experience to build greater rapport between brands and their customers. 

TSA Group is Australia’s leading contact centre outsourcing company with almost 25 years providing exemplary customer services for some of the country’s biggest brands. Only recently, The Australian Financial Review and BOSS Magazine placed TSA number seven out of more than 700 nominated companies in their ‘2021 Most Innovative Companies’ list, in the Professional Services category. It’s the second year in a row that TSA have made the prestigious ‘Top 10’, but this year it’s because of an innovative new product they’ve named Cerebro. 

What Is Cerebro? 

Cerebro is a cloud-based and entirely flexible contact centre technology making call centre contact quicker, more efficient and more pleasant for customers; while at the same time being significantly more user-friendly for contact centre agents. In essence, Cerebro automates the ‘less human’ aspects of customer engagement – specifically the need to recite lengthy ‘terms and conditions’ spiels. Where frontline contact centre team members would previously have to piece together T&C scripting – for example, to cover multiple products or pricing structures – Cerebro now automatically generates a tailored script for each individual product. Not only does this simplify the process for team members who’re working across a range of clients, it removes the risk for human error, which, in turn, means fewer complaints or post-purchase queries. 

Initially deployed for utilities and insurance companies, Cerebro is now being leveraged in several sales environments where critical information is housed across multiple sources, and where dynamic scripting is required.

Tech Innovation That Helps Foster The Human Connection 

Beyond improved efficiency and accuracy, however, lies Cerebro’s greatest asset: With its ability to save time across the more ‘official’ aspects of customer contact, space is created for greater human connection. TSA comes from the perspective that there’s no technology in the world that can replace it, and Cerebro allows call-centre personnel to apply their focus to the relationship-building and personable aspects of the job. They are, unquestionably, the most important. 

“When you boil it all down, we’re in the business of human connection and the pandemic has proven just how precious that is. As our world has shrunk dramatically, for some of us down to the four walls we live in, having those moments of human connection are more important than ever before.” says Luke Kenny, TSA Group’s CEO. 

In addition to frontline teams being able to build more meaningful customer relationships, Kenny estimates that Cerebro, so far, has saved TSA’s clients and customers in excess of 46,000 hours. He says the average time spent serving a customer has been reduced by 7 minutes, with a 19 percent reduction in the time needed to read the terms and conditions script. Feedback from customers also suggests between 50 percent and 200 percent improvement in their comprehension of the critical T&C information. And, customer contact team members report significantly improved satisfaction with the process; less stress and decreased handling time with customers. 

An Innovative Approach That Aims To Bring Back Australian-based Contact Centre Jobs

Before COVID, TSA were already innovating Cerebro as a solution for addressing the labour cost-gap between Australia and places like the Philippines, where labour can be three to four times cheaper. “We recognised that bringing services back onshore would drive a need for innovation focused on improving productivity to close that labour cost gap,” Kenny says. Through Cerebro’s time-saving and efficiency efforts, TSA knew they could make Australian-based customer contact financially competitive and assuredly more accurate. But, when COVID hit, the demand for Cerebro became all the more urgent. Not only did COVID bring with it big changes to customer experience expectations, it also caused an upsurge of brands looking to repatriate their contact centre operations back to Australia. Fortunately, TSA were a step ahead of the game – the need for the product was there and Cerebro was ready.

There’s now a higher likelihood of customers connecting with an Australian voice on the other end of the line, and experiencing a more streamlined path through the dreaded recital of the terms and conditions in signing up for a product or service. When you consider that most of us have had negative and frustrating call centre experiences, innovative solutions like Cerebro are quietly transforming customer contact, and building loyalty between brands and their customers. On the other side of the call, TSA team members say that the user-friendly tech has led to greater job satisfaction and enabled a seamless shift to working from home, which has had immeasurable benefits. 

Luke Kenny describes TSA Group as being able to offer clients an extension to their business. He says, “Because we’re a really responsive and flexible partner, many of our clients use us as their technology and innovation sandbox to help them leapfrog complex internal resourcing and prioritisation challenges.” By being tapped into their clients’ needs, TSA’s innovation efforts are always driven by the need to solve problems and streamline processes in practical ways. 

Being named as a 2021 APAC CIO Outlook Top 10 Contact Centre Solution Provider, plus the AFR BOSS recognition, confirms TSA’s commitment to innovation. By reimagining the legacy call-centre tech that many businesses still practice today, TSA shows their commitment to lead in their space, and better it. 

To learn more about TSA Group’s market-leading customer experience services, visit

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