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Topdocs unveils SMSF application tool

Topdocs unveils SMSF application tool

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By elaina ·
November 13 2015

Topdocs unveils SMSF application tool

Legal documentation provider Topdocs has launched a new feature which helps advisers apply for an ABN and tax file number when establishing a new SMSF, resulting in notable time saving benefits.

According to Topdocs, the Instant SMSF online application feature will provide "relief" for advisers and accountants from the "frustrating process" of applying for an ABN or tax file number for a new SMSF.

"As part of our new Instant SMSF online application, we have created a direct link with the Australian Business Register which automatically pre-populates the entire ABN application for advisers, free of charge, when they set up their SMSF establishments with Topdocs," Topdocs director Michael Spakman said.

"Users simply review the fully populated online application, [and] then submit it, without having to enter any client information."

Mr Spakman also added that the new feature could save advisers over an hour in set up time when creating a new SMSF.

"We have turned the overall process of setting up the Fund, creating the CMA and applying for the ABN from a process that can take advisers up to an hour and a half to do, to a simple 10-15 minutes," he said.

As part of the new feature, Topdocs also said advisers can register a corporate trustee for an SMSF, create a Macquarie or NAB Cash Management Account application, and have the investment strategy prepared for the fund using the online application form.


Topdocs said it will be demonstrating how the new application and ABN lodgement tool works during the FPA Professionals Congress in Brisbane in November 2015.

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