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XPlan customiser partners with IOOF

XPlan customiser partners with IOOF

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By elaina ·
December 17 2015

XPlan customiser partners with IOOF

XPlan customiser Enzumo has announced a partnership deal with IOOF Alliances to provide its XPlan customised solutions and e-learning management systems to IOOF's network of 150 self-licensed financial advisers. 

According to a statement on the ASX, the partnership forms the cornerstone of a plan to expand into the independently-licensed financial planning market.

"The self-licensed financial planning market is continuing to grow strongly as financial planners look to position themselves independently in the FoFA environment," the statement said.

Enzumo has indicated it is in discussions with a number of licensee support firms, with a view to establishing similar partnerships and will provide an update to the market in the "coming weeks".

"We view the sector as a very scalable growth opportunity," said Enzumo chief executive Andrew Rawlinson," and we believe our customised XPlan configuration tools and services will add significant value for both self- licensed financial planners and licensee support firms respectively."


Enzumo is an independent XPlan customisation provider. IOOF Alliances supports a community of self-licensed, boutique and aligned planning practices.

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