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Zurich launches robo-advice tool

Zurich launches robo-advice tool

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By tlewis ·
September 03 2015

Zurich launches robo-advice tool

Zurich Financial Services has provided financial advisers with a new way to engage with clients, launching a Wealth Index tool.

The tool allows advisers to create their own custom, client-facing surveys on a range of areas such as investments, superannuation and insurance.

Zurich head of sales strategy and research, Andy Marshall, said the need for advisers to adopt automated technologies is more pertinent than ever, as attracting and retaining clients becomes increasingly difficult.

"For advisers, having an automated or 'robo' tool like the Wealth Index to equip them with information such as the type of cover, level of debt, and knowledge - or lack thereof - of their clients' sum insured prior to the first meeting could be a game-changer," he said.

"The new tool not only increases client engagement from the very beginning of the advice journey, it also maximises efficiency for both the adviser and client by setting the adviser up with a clear point of discussion and practical ways to work with the client and demonstrate value long before they've even walked in the door."

He added: "The way clients are now consuming their information and interacting with businesses is definitely changing."

"For advisers looking to maintain success into the future, they need to be rethinking who their 'typical' client is, how they behave, and how best to communicate with them," Mr Marshall said.


The Wealth Index tool gives advisers the ability to choose the design of the survey and how they share it with clients. It can be distributed via social media, in emails, newsletters or hosted on a website.

The tool also allows clients to share the survey in an effort to expand their advisers' referral reach.

"Additionally, the Wealth Index is not just for onboarding clients. It is also a simple and efficient way for advisers to reconnect, and potentially reassess the cover, of their C and D clients, who in the past have received little to no ongoing contact at all," Mr Marshall concluded.


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