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Zurich marks robo-advice as way forward

Zurich marks robo-advice as way forward

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By tlewis ·
October 08 2015

Zurich marks robo-advice as way forward

Shifts in society and technology will continue to reshape the financial advice landscape, with robo-advice at the forefront of disruption, according to Zurich Financial Services.

Zurich marks robo-advice as way forward
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In a new report titled 2015 Advice Trend Briefing, Zurich Financial Services - in partnership with TrendWatching - said robo-advice will increasingly provide value to advice firms.

The report argued that rather than looking at automation as a threat, it should be seen as a means to improve customer experience and as a boost to business efficiency.

The report asked: "Rather than seeing robo-advice, or variations of, as a threat, is this something you could incorporate into your own proposition, perhaps enabling you to serve a segment of clients not previously available?"

The report said that while robo-advice is not likely to replace the human equivalent, there are several consequences to advisers.


According to the report, automation will disrupt the traditional economic framework of advice.

"Automated portfolio management services could eventually create price pressures on this aspect of advice."

Moreover, as consumers become more tech savvy, they will likely expect to access aspects of advice through technology. As a result, advisers will face increasing pressure to demonstrate the value they add, the report said.

Richard Dunkerley, head of marketing and communications for Zurich's Life and Investments business, said: "Advisers are dealing with a lot of change right now."

"The rise of the robot, for example, will impact not only the delivery of advice, but will completely reshape the nature of our workforce and our economy," Mr Dunkerley added.

"The leading advisers are those who already have this type of disruption on their radar and are exploring how to best position themselves for it," he said.

In addition to the report, Zurich and TrendWatching have released a series of video podcasts aimed at unpacking the trends reshaping the advice industry.

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